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Another word for trick

  1. The proper method for doing, using, or handling something

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  2. A clever, dexterous act

  3. A limited, often assigned period of activity, duty, or opportunity

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  1. So weak or defective as to be liable to fail

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  1. To dress in formal or special clothing

Another word for trick

Synonym Study

  • Wile , often used in the plural, implies the use of allurements or beguilement to ensnare used all his wiles and cunning to close the deal
  • Artifice stresses inventiveness or ingenuity in the contrivance of an expedient, trick, etc. artifices employed to circumvent the tax laws
  • Maneuver , while specifically applicable to military tactics, in general use suggests the shrewd manipulation of persons or situations to suit one's purposes a political maneuver
  • A stratagem is a more or less complicated ruse, by means of which one attempts to outwit or entrap an enemy or antagonist military stratagems
  • Ruse applies to that which is contrived as a blind for one's real intentions or for the truth her apparent illness was merely a ruse to gain time
  • Trick is the common word for an action or device in which ingenuity and cunning are used to outwit others and implies deception either for fraudulent purposes or as a prank