Sentence Examples

  • Whenever you're searching for ghost videos online, the first thing you'll notice is that a significant number of them are spoofs or prank videos that are meant to poke fun at the entire field of the paranormal.
  • Either avoid these videos completely, or if you aren't sure it's a prank then mute the sound and minimize the video so it doesn't fill the entire screen - this will reduce the shock factor if it's a prank.
  • Certainly you'll have to worry about being punished if a prank goes wrong, but more importantly, you should be concerned with the physical and emotional safety of your family members when pulling a prank.
  • There are literally thousands of tips and tricks on how to prank your parents available online, and if you are creative, then you can even create your own pranks with a little inspiration from websites about gags and pranks.
  • Give the smelly object some time to become really aromatic and then make a point of calling the victim of the prank or having someone else call them and watch them squirm while they try to locate the source of the odor.