Sentence Examples

  • When it comes to naughty dress-up, there is no reason for women to have all the fun - sexy male costumes can be found ranging from items that are perfect for a big party to those that can only be worn at a private function.
  • The infant product line includes swim apparel, sleepwear and shoes just like the children's line, but it also includes baby clothing like body suits, onesies and dress-up outfits.
  • KC: It is my sincere wish that the children are able to make an appointment, have a private dress-up experience, be able to try a few styles, and with guidance, choose a dress that is memorable.
  • The bridge may be too wide, the lenses may extend well past your face on either side, and certain styles could give the illusion that you're playing dress-up and wearing someone else's eyewear.
  • If you'd rather go the route of morphing into a black cat for full dress-up fun, you'll need to hone in on a few more skills while gathering a bit more essential supplies, including creativity!