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Another word for bard

  1. One who writes poetry

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Another word for bard

      1. Any of a class of lyric poets and poet-musicians in S France and N Spain and Italy during the 11th through 13th cent. who wrote poems and songs of love and chivalry, usually with intricate stanza form and rhyme scheme
      2. A minstrel or singer
      3. A strolling minstrel.
      1. (Pejorative) An inferior poet.
      2. A writer of mediocre verse; poetaster
      3. A person who versifies; poet
      1. A performer in a minstrel show.
      2. Any of a medieval class of entertainers who traveled from place to place: known esp. for singing and reciting to musical accompaniment
      3. (Old Poet.) A poet, singer, or musician
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