Sentence Examples

  • They were sons of a musician and poet, Jonas Columbus (1586-1663).
  • It came into existence in KiOto and was thence transferred to Yedo (Tokyo), where the greatest of Japanese playwrights, Chikamatsu Monzaemon (1653-1724), and a musician of exceptional talent, Takemoto Gidayu, collaborated to render this puppet drama a highly popular entertainment.
  • The fourth, who was the musician Marbeck, was pardoned by Gardiner's procurement.
  • According to Ibn Khaqan, a contemporary writer, he became a student of the exact sciences and was also a musician and a poet.
  • With the possible exception of Horn, Tristan is by far the most accomplished hero in the whole range of knightly romance; a finished musician, linguist and chess-player, no one can rival him in more knightly arts, in horsemanship or fencing.