Sentence Examples

  • Alex was an excellent dancer – strong, sure and fluid.
  • This was due to the king's relations with the Spanish dancer Lola Montez, who appeared in Munich in October 1846, and soon succeeded by her beauty and wit in fascinating the king, who was always susceptible to feminine charms. The political importance of this lay in the fact that the royal mistress began to use her great influence against the clerical policy of the Abel ministry.
  • In the previous year (39) his mother had been banished by order of her brother Caligula (Gains) on a charge of treasonable conspiracy, and Nero, thus early deprived of both parents, found shelter in the house of his aunt Domitia, where two slaves, a barber and a dancer, began his training.
  • He is a real dancer, a wonder! he said.
  • Jefferson was an expert violinist, a good singer and dancer, proficient in outdoor sports, and an excellent horseman.