Square Synonyms and Antonyms

Having right angles
  1. round
  2. crooked
A rectangle
  1. equal-sided rectangle
  2. fogy
  3. plane figure
  4. fossil
  5. rectilinear plane
  6. just
  7. fuddy-duddy
  8. foursquare
  9. square toes
  10. fair
  11. mossback
  12. decent
  13. stick-in-the-mud
Owing or being owed nothing
A park
  1. city-center
  2. civic center
  3. intersection
  4. plaza
  5. traffic-circle
  6. open space
  7. recreational area
To make equal
To make or become suitable to a particular situation or use
To set right by giving what is due
With precision or absolute conformity
In a straight direct way
  1. squarely
Someone who doesn't understand what is going on
  1. lame
The product of two equal terms
  1. second power
An open area at the meeting of two or more streets
  1. public square

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