Settle Synonyms and Antonyms

To place securely in a position or condition
To finish
To sink
To set right by giving what is due
To establish residence
  1. locate
  2. lodge
  3. become a citizen
  4. reside
  5. fix one's residence
  6. abide
  7. set up housekeeping
  8. root
  9. make one's home
  10. establish a home
  11. keep-house
  12. take-root
  13. steady down
  14. settle-down
To take up sedentary life; often used with ""down''
  1. follow regular habits
  2. live an orderly life
  3. become conventional
  4. follow convention
  5. buy a house
  6. marry
  7. marry and settle down
  8. raise a family
  9. forsake one's wild ways
  10. regulate one's life
  11. get in a groove
  12. get in a rut
  13. lead a humdrum existence
  14. hang-up-one-s-hat
  15. clear the land
  16. mend one's fences
To end or resolve (a dispute, for example) by making a decision or coming to an agreement.
  1. decide

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