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Another word for perch

  1. To place or be placed on a narrow or insecure surface

      1. To find any difference that may exist between the debit and credit sides of (an account); also, to equalize the debit and credit sides of (an account)
      2. (Mathematics & Chemistry) To bring (an equation) into balance.
      3. (Dancing) To balance partners
      1. To keep (something) in equilibrium; to hold suspended or balanced. [from 17th c.]
      2. To carry or hold in equilibrium; balance:
      3. To hold (something) in equilibrium, to hold balanced and ready; to carry (something) ready to be used. [from 16th c.]
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Another word for perch

      1. A place of abode or residence, especially a large house that is part of an estate:
      2. The part on which one rests in sitting:
      3. A center of authority; a capital:
      1. (Sports) The inside position on the starting line of a racetrack:
      2. A tapering wooden shaft extending from the front axle of a wagon or carriage and attached by chains or straps to the collars of a span of horses
      3. A native or inhabitant of Poland.
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