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Another word for colonize

      1. To overcome or surmount mentally or emotionally:
      2. To overcome by physical, mental, or moral force; get the better of; defeat
      3. To eliminate or minimize (a difficulty, for example):
      1. To bring under control or subjection; conquer
      2. To cause to become subservient; subdue
      3. To bring under control, especially by military force; conquer.
      1. To settle (a region).
      2. To initiate or participate in the development of:
      3. To venture into (an area) or prepare (a way):
      1. To transfer (tissue, a body structure, or an organ) from an animal or cadaver to a person.
      2. To be capable of being transplanted:
      3. To remove (people, animals, etc.) from one place and resettle in another
      1. To send or introduce as immigrants:
      2. To come into a new country, region, or environment, esp. in order to settle there
      3. To enter and settle in a country or region to which one is not native.
      1. To move from place to place to harvest seasonal crops
      2. To move from one region to another with the change in seasons, as many birds and some fishes do
      1. To be present in or on (a place):
      2. To fill with or as with people; populate; stock
      1. To melt, especially of metal in an industrial setting.
      2. To lay the base of; set for support; base
      3. To establish the foundation or basis of; base:
      1. To place secretly or deceptively so as to be discovered or made public:
      2. To place (something) surreptitiously where it is certain to be found or discovered
      3. To settle (a colony, colonists, etc.); found; establish
      1. To cause to sink, become compact, or come to rest:
      2. To become clear by the sinking of suspended particles. Used of liquids.
      3. To come to an agreement, especially to resolve a lawsuit out of court.