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Another word for subjugate

  1. To win a victory over, as in battle or a competition

      1. To move lightly and quickly, as a flame
      2. To lap or flicker at like a tongue:
      3. To bring into a certain condition by passing the tongue over
      1. To hit an ace on (a hole) in golf.
      2. (Informal) To do very well, esp., by earning a grade of A, in, on, etc.
      3. (Slang) To defeat completely; get the best of
      1. To beat (cream or eggs, for example) into a froth or foam.
      2. To move, go, or pass quickly and suddenly
      3. To wrap or bind (a rope, for example) with twine to prevent unraveling or fraying.
      1. (Obs.) To prepare; fit out; dress
      2. To cut (something) down to the required size or shape
      3. To change one's opinions or viewpoint so as to satisfy opposing factions, etc.; compromise
      1. To a degree that is most bad, evil, unpleasant, etc.
      2. In the worst manner
      3. To get the better of; defeat
      1. To defeat in a contest, conflict, or competition.
      2. To overcome (a feeling, condition, etc.); suppress
      3. To overcome or subdue (an emotion, for example); suppress:
      1. (Obs.) To surpass or exceed; go beyond
      2. To overcome (an obstacle, for example); triumph over.
      3. To get the better of; conquer; overcome
      1. To make less intense or prominent; reduce or tone down:
      2. To subjugate (a region or people, for example) by military force.
      3. To bring under control by physical force, persuasion, or other means; overcome:
      1. To poke around; rummage.
      2. To use a router in woodworking.
      3. To dig up or turn over with the snout
      1. To deal with successfully; prevail over; surmount:
      2. To defeat (another) in competition or conflict:
      3. To get the better of in competition, struggle, etc.; conquer
      1. To become very skilled in or knowledgeable about:
      2. To become an expert in (an art, science, etc.)
      3. To become master of; control, conquer, etc.
      1. (Law) To frustrate the enforcement of (a motion, for example).
      2. To be beyond the comprehension of; mystify:
      3. To do better than (another) in a competition or battle; win victory over; beat:
      1. To get possession or control of by or as by winning a war
      2. To eliminate or minimize (a difficulty, for example):
      3. To overcome by physical, mental, or moral force; get the better of; defeat
      1. In the most excellent manner; in the most suitable way
      2. To get the better of; beat:
      3. Well
      1. To arrive or finish before (another):
      2. (Informal) To be superior to or better than:
      3. To take beating or stirring
  2. To make subservient or subordinate

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Another word for subjugate

  1. To subdue

  2. To conquer