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Another word for reduce

  1. To grow or cause to grow gradually less

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  2. To make short or shorter the duration or extent of

  3. To lower in rank or grade

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  4. To become or make less in price or value

  5. To lose body weight, as by dieting

Another word for reduce

  1. To make less

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  2. To defeat

      1. To subjugate (a region or people, for example) by military force.
      2. To bring under control by physical force, persuasion, or other means; overcome:
      3. To make less intense or prominent; reduce or tone down:
      1. To defeat (another) in competition or conflict:
      2. To deal with successfully; prevail over; surmount:
      3. To overpower, as with emotion; affect deeply:
      1. To gain control of or subdue by military force:
      2. To defeat in war:
      3. To eliminate or minimize (a difficulty, for example):
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  3. To lower in rank or position