Drain Synonyms and Antonyms

A pipe or conduit
To lessen or weaken severely, as by removing something essential
To seep away
  1. diminish
  2. run out
  3. run-off
  4. flow off
  5. abate
  6. flow out
  7. decrease
  8. seep off
  9. seep out
  10. exude
  11. dwindle
  12. trickle out
  13. ebb
  14. filter off
  15. ooze
  16. lessen
  17. percolate
  18. let up
  19. effuse
  20. find an opening
  21. peter
  22. osmose
  23. rebate
  24. decline
  25. reduce
  26. leave dry
  27. tail away
  28. taper
To cause (a resource or supply of something) to be used up gradually and often completely.
  1. deplete

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