Sentence Examples

  • Keep in mind that free websites may have ads that can cheapen the look, but if you're not skilled at web design, it is probably the easier than designing your own site.
  • Cheap engagement rings do not cheapen the love or relationships they represent; they highlight the financial responsibility of the couple and their fiscal sense as they plan their life together.
  • Thus the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (founded 1698), besides its other activities, has done much to cheapen and multiply copies of the Scriptures, not only in English and Welsh, but in many foreign languages.
  • There is not the slightest use or excuse for the application of sugar, except to cheapen the silk by about 15 to 20 Wild Silk Dyeing.
  • Seeing that sodium was the only possible reducing agent, he set himself to cheapen its cost, and deliberately rejecting sodium carbonate for the more expensive sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), and replacing carbon by a mixture of iron and carbon - the so-called carbide of iron - he invented the highly scientific method of winning the alkali metal which has remained in existence almost to the present day.