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Another word for subject matter

  1. What a speech, piece of writing, or artistic work is about

      1. One such consideration or argument
      2. (Linguistics) A word or phrase in a sentence, usually providing information from previous discourse or shared knowledge, that the rest of the sentence elaborates or comments on.
      3. A subject for discussion or conversation
      1. A short essay, esp. one written as an assignment in a school course
      2. (Music) A recurring melodic element in a composition, especially a melody forming the basis of a set of variations.
      3. A topic or subject, as of a lecture, sermon, essay, etc.
      1. Any topic or subject dealt with
      2. The principal matter on a printed or written page, as distinguished from notes, headings, illustrations, etc.
      3. The body of a printed work as distinct from headings and illustrative matter on a page or from front and back matter in a book.
      1. A person under the authority or control of another; esp., a person owing allegiance to a particular ruler, government, etc.
      2. A person or animal that is the object of medical or scientific study:
      3. One concerning which something is said or done; a person or thing being discussed or dealt with:
      1. (Printing) A measuring unit for type bodies and printed matter, equal to about172 of an inch: there are 12 points in a pica
      2. The interval of time immediately before a given occurrence; the verge:
      3. A specified degree, condition, or limit, as in a scale or course:
      1. A subject of concern, feeling, or action:
      2. Trouble or difficulty:
      3. What all (material) things are made of; whatever occupies space and is perceptible to the senses in some way: in modern physics, matter and energy are regarded as equivalents, mutually convertible according to Einstein's formula, E = mc2 (i.e., energy equals mass multiplied by the square of the velocity of light); in dualistic thinking, matter is regarded as the opposite of mind, spirit, etc.
      1. A short statement of subject matter, or a brief synopsis of a plot; summary
      2. A topic; a subject:
      3. (--- Archaic) A reason or matter for dispute or contention:
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Another word for subject matter

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