Sentence Examples

  • It is only the inveterate habit of reading Isa.
  • 'Shaftesbury, doubtless no friendly witness, speaks of him as .an inveterate liar, "proud, ambitious, revengeful, false, prodigal and covetous to the highest degree," 4 and Burnet supports his unfavourable judgment to a great extent.
  • The year after his accession the clans MacWilliam and MacHeth, inveterate enemies of the Scottish crown, broke into revolt; but the insurrection was speedily quelled.
  • The reference here is probably to the inveterate Hadad who, in his Aramaean form Ramman (Rimmon), is found in Palestine.
  • In character the Indians are, as a rule, peaceable, though conscious of their numerical superiority and at times driven to join in the revolutions which so often disturb the course of local politics; they are often intensely religious, but with a few exceptions are thriftless, indolent and inveterate gamblers.