Sentence Examples

  • Last but not least, if you think your child's interest in Scooby Doo might be short-lived, check out eBay or Craig's List for second-hand nightgowns so that you can save money indulging her until the next infatuation comes along.
  • Since the divorce petition deals with the property settlement and child support, unless the marriage was a very short-lived one and the couple has no children or significant property, hiring a lawyer is the more prudent choice.
  • Stepping reflex: Although it may appear an infant is trying to walk when he's held in a standing position and his feet touch a surface, this stepping reflex is short-lived and usually disappears by the time he's two months-old.
  • While major depressive episodes may be acute (intense but short-lived), dysthymic disorder is an ongoing, chronic depression that lasts two or more years (one or more years in children) and has an average duration of 16 years.
  • Hollywood nuptials are usually bigger productions than movies themselves, and though a lot of star marriages are short-lived, their celebrity wedding pictures will remain forever printed and published somewhere or another.