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Another word for do

  1. To discharge one's responsibilities

  2. To execute commands or instructions

  3. To bring to a close

      1. To bring to an end; close:
      2. To bring about (a final agreement or settlement):
      3. To arrive at (a conclusion, judgment, or opinion) by the process of reasoning:
      1. To stop (doing an activity or task) after reaching the point at which there is nothing left to do:
      2. To bring to a required or desired state:
      3. To arrive at or attain the end of:
      1. To bring into actuality; effect or make real:
      2. To do, perform, or obey (a task or order, for example); carry out.
      3. To meet (a requirement or condition); satisfy.
  4. To cause

  5. To suffice

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  6. To solve

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  7. To fare

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  8. To present a play, etc.

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  9. To attend to

      1. To handle verbally or in some form of artistic expression; to address or discuss as a subject.
      2. To take action with respect to (someone or something).
      3. To consider, as an example.
      1. To put into a specific order or relation; dispose:
      2. To plan or prepare for:
      3. To bring about or come to an agreement concerning; settle:
      1. To cause to exist or happen; bring about; create:
      2. To bring into existence by shaping, modifying, or putting together material; construct:
      3. To form by assembling individuals or constituents:
  10. To travel

      1. To go to see or spend time with (someone); call on socially:
      2. To go to see in order to aid or console:
      3. To stay with (someone) as a guest.
      1. A trip with visits to various places of interest for business, pleasure, or instruction.
      2. A group organized for such a trip or for a shorter sightseeing excursion.
      3. A brief trip to or through a place for the purpose of seeing it:
      1. To investigate systematically; examine:
      2. To search into or travel in for the purpose of discovery:
      3. To examine (a body cavity or interior part) for diagnostic purposes, especially by surgery.
      1. The act of traveling from one place to another, especially when involving a considerable distance; a trip.
      2. A distance to be traveled or the time required for a trip:
      3. A process or course likened to traveling, such as a series of trying experiences; a passage:
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  11. To conduct oneself

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  12. *To use, as a drug