Visit Synonyms

To remain as a guest or lodger
To call upon the sick
  1. call upon
  2. bring comfort
  3. bring cheer
  4. bring help
  5. minister
An act or an instance of going or coming to see another
To stop for business or pleasure
  1. look up
  2. look in
  3. pop in
  4. call-on
  5. call upon
  6. make one's compliments to
  7. call
  8. look in on
  9. visit with
  10. call for
  11. come by
  12. stop-off
  13. stop in
  14. come over
  15. stop-over
  16. have an appointment with
  17. drop by
  18. pay a visit to
  19. tour
  20. drop in
  21. take-in
  22. drop in on
  23. hit
  24. look around
  25. be closeted with
  26. go over to
  27. drop over
  28. run-in
  29. have a date
  30. see
  31. stop
To live with for a short time
  1. stay with
  2. dwell with
  3. stop with
  4. stop-by
  5. call at
  6. call-on
  7. call upon
  8. come around
  9. be the guest of
  10. make a visit
  11. sojourn awhile
  12. revisit
To cause to undergo or bear (something unwelcome or damaging, for example)
A remaining in a place as a guest or lodger
  1. sojourn
  2. frequentation
  3. sojournment
  4. stay
  5. visitation
Pay a brief visit
  1. call-in
  2. call
Come to see in an official or professional capacity
  1. inspect
Go to certain places as for sightseeing
  1. travel to

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