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Another word for nurse

  1. To promote and sustain the development of

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    care for

  2. To hold and turn over in the mind

      1. To feed or sustain (any plant or animal) with substances necessary to life and growth
      2. To foster; develop; promote (a feeling, attitude, habit, etc.)
      3. To keep alive; maintain:
      1. To live or exist
      2. To give shelter to:
      3. To entertain or nourish (a specified thought or feeling):
      1. To have a tolerance for; endure:
      2. To endure something with tolerance or patience:
      3. To offer; render:
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Another word for nurse

  1. One who cares for the sick

  2. One who cares for the young

  3. One who suckles the young

  1. To provide medical care

  2. To care for (an infant)

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