Sentence Examples

  • Romantic weddings abroad have a unique appeal for many couples, and even if they can't have everyone there to celebrate their nuptials, they can have the ceremony taped or webcast to bring everyone along on their exotic getaway.
  • Fred O'Connor and David Dean kept close tabs on the New Jersey nuptials via telephone.
  • "The nuptials of our great Quixote and the fair Sophia," and Granville's ostentatious performance of the part of lover, were ridiculed by Horace Walpole.
  • In her thirteenth year her brother promised her in marriage to Alphonso of Portugal, but she firmly refused to consent; her resistance seemed less likely to be effectual in the case of Pedro Giron, grand master of the order of Calatrava and brother of the marquis of Villena, to whom she was next affianced, when she was delivered from her fears by the sudden death of the bridegroom while on his way to the nuptials in 1466.
  • Toghrul Beg now re-entered Bagdad, re-established the caliph, and was betrothed to his daughter, but died before the consummation of the nuptials (September 1063).