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Another word for tend

  1. To have a tendency or inclination

      1. (Internet, intransitive, informal) To be the subject of a trend; to be currently popular, relevant or interesting.
      2. To show a general tendency; tend:
      3. To extend, incline, or veer in a specified direction:
      1. To incline or have a tendency (toward a given direction, belief, etc.)
      2. To look with the eyes turned to the side; look obliquely or askance
      3. (Intransitive, Scotland) To be not quite straight, off-centred; to deviate from a true line; to run obliquely.
      1. To give a direction other than perpendicular or horizontal to; make diagonal; cause to slope:
      2. To have or go in a direction other than perpendicular or horizontal; slope.
      3. To incline or turn from a direct line or course, esp. one that is perpendicular or level; slope
      1. To incline the weight of the body so as to be supported:
      2. To bend or incline the body so as to rest part of one's weight upon or against something
      3. To have a particular mental inclination; tend (toward or to a certain opinion, attitude, etc.)
      1. To cause to lean, slope, slant, etc.; bend
      2. To bend or bow the body or head
      3. To deviate from a horizontal or vertical position, course, etc.; lean; slope; slant
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  2. To have the care and supervision of

  3. To prepare (soil) for the planting and raising of crops

      1. To make productive; cultivate:
      2. To function or operate in the desired or required way:
      3. To knead, stir, or otherwise manipulate in preparation:
      1. To prepare (land) for the raising of crops, as by plowing and harrowing; cultivate.
      2. To develop so as to improve or prepare for usage; to cultivate (said of knowledge, virtue, mind etc)
      3. To work (land) in raising crops, as by plowing and fertilizing; cultivate
      1. To put on clothes; wear clothes
      2. To get into proper alignment with others:
      3. To wear clothes of a certain kind or style:
      1. To grow (microorganisms or cells) in a specially prepared medium
      2. To grow microorganisms or other living matter in a specially prepared nutrient medium.
      3. To use (a substance) as a medium for culture:
      1. To improve and prepare (land), as by plowing or fertilizing, for raising crops; till.
      2. To break up the surface soil around (plants) in order to destroy weeds, prevent crusting, and preserve moisture
      3. To prepare and use (soil or land) for growing crops; till

Another word for tend

  1. To watch over

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  2. To have a tendency (toward)