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Another word for squint

  1. To peer with the eyes partly closed

      1. A structure, such as a section of vaulting or corbeling, set diagonally across the interior angle between two walls to provide a transition from a square to a polygonal or more nearly circular base on which to construct a dome.
  2. To have a tendency or inclination

      1. A general tendency or course of events:
      2. Current style; vogue:
      3. The general direction of something:
      1. To have a tendency:
      2. To be disposed or inclined:
      3. To move or extend in a certain direction:
      1. To give a direction other than perpendicular or horizontal to; make diagonal; cause to slope:
      2. To present so as to conform to a particular bias or appeal to a certain audience:
      3. To have or go in a direction other than perpendicular or horizontal; slope.
      1. To bend or slant away from the vertical.
      2. To incline the weight of the body so as to be supported:
      3. To rely for assistance or support:
      1. To cause (someone) to have a certain tendency: dispose:
      2. To dispose (someone) to have a certain preference or opinion or to take a course of action:
      3. To cause to lean, slant, or slope:
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  1. An inclination to something

Another word for squint