Sentence Examples

  • They frequently have poor visual acuity and are extremely sensitive to light (photophobia), which causes them to squint in ordinary light.
  • The eyes of children with albinism may move rapidly and not focus together, and the children may have to squint, tilt their heads, and hold reading materials close in order to see.
  • You do not want the sun shining directly in front or behind them, since this will create harsh shadows or cause people to squint when they're looking at the camera.
  • Certain surfaces, like snow, water, and even windows can produce an annoying glare, the worst of which can make you squint, and even temporarily "blind" you.
  • Well, two reasons: you won't squint as much and your eyes will be protected from skin-wrinkling UV rays (especially effective in the wraparound styles-and those styles fit over prescription eyewear).