Sentence Examples

  • Riders Eye has a few tinted swim goggle styles that may work, especially if you're designing a costume but you aren't super picky about having exact replicas as opposed to just something that gets the message across.
  • Basically, the device would accept whatever ambient light existed in the environment, amplify it as much as the current technology would allow, and then display the amplified image on the goggle screens.
  • Additionally, it's worth noting that Any Sunglasses also offers two water sport goggle models, one of which, the Slider Water Sport SOS Sunglasses, comes in a pink and yellow lens.
  • To learn more about safety goggle standards, visit the American National Standards Institute, which sells copies of a report called Eye and Face Protection Use and Selection Guide.
  • In fact, some people who search for this type of goggle for costume wear opt for swim goggles simply because they're cheaper than the eyewear designed with Riddick in mind.