Sentence Examples

  • Ordering the right size will ensure that you'll be able to pull off that outfit you've had in mind for months-with an unbelievably sexy hourglass silhouette all the other gals at the party envy and men secretly (or not so discretely) ogle.
  • Just like most years, the ceremony was a perfect setting to ogle stars mingling with their contemporaries while dressed in their finest attire and borrowed diamonds.
  • Marisa couldn't pass up the opportunity to ogle some gorgeous men as a modeling judge for "Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model".
  • He would have loved to watch her ogle him as he strutted for her, but he didn't have time.
  • All the rest save Farewell and Fynn speedily repented of their adventure and returned to the Cape, but the two who remained were joined by three sailors, John Cane, Henry Ogle and Thomas Holstead, a lad.