Sentence Examples

  • Knowing what to avoid will make life easier in many ways, while following some recommended tips will yield positive, pleasurable results that will hopefully nourish and protect your relationship.
  • Shredded leaves can be used as mulch in flower beds, or they can be added to the compost pile, where they will decompose and can help nourish the flower or vegetable garden later on.
  • The tour which is scheduled from August 14-21 and promises a good time for all with a large selection of activities, delicious cuisine, luxurious amenities to pamper yourself, and a Christian atmosphere to refresh a nourish yourself.
  • According to the manufacturer, "this nutritional supplement is used to nourish and protect hair, skin and nails from the inside to improve and sustain their growth, strength and health."
  • Salmon is an excellent source of amino acids that nourish brain functions.The Ultra formula also procures nutrition from non-traditional dog foods like cranberries, tomatoes and garlic.