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Another word for nurture

  1. To promote and sustain the development of

      1. A person trained to provide medical care for the sick or disabled, especially one who is licensed and works in a hospital or physician's office.
      2. A person employed to take care of a young child.
      3. A woman employed to suckle children other than her own; a wet nurse.
      1. To provide with food or other substances necessary for life and growth; feed.
      2. To foster the development of; promote:
      3. To keep alive; maintain:
      1. To bring up; nurture:
      2. To promote the growth and development of; cultivate:
      3. To nurse; cherish:
      1. To improve and prepare (land), as by plowing or fertilizing, for raising crops; till.
      2. To loosen or dig soil around (growing plants).
      3. To grow or tend (a plant or crop).
    See also:

    care for

Another word for nurture

  1. Nourishment

  2. Training