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Another word for training

  1. The act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

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  2. Repetition of an action so as to develop or maintain one's skill

      1. A work of literature or art treating a subject in careful detail and typically done as an exercise in technique, etc.
      2. (Music) A composition intended as a technical exercise.
      3. A noteworthy or interesting example:
      1. The practicing of something which is to be performed before an audience, usually to test or improve the interaction between several participating people, or to allow technical adjustments with respect to staging to be done
      2. A drilling or repeating for practice before future performance
      3. Any practice, exercise, or drill; trial
      1. Exercise of an occupation or profession:
      2. The exercise of the profession of medicine.
      3. The condition of being skilled through repeated exercise:
      1. Activity for the purpose of training or developing the body or mind; systematic practice; esp., bodily exertion for the sake of health
      2. A problem or group of written examples, passages, etc. to be studied and worked out for developing technical skill, as in mathematics, grammar, etc.
      3. An activity having a specified aspect:
      1. Durable cotton or linen twill of varying weights, generally used for work clothes.
      2. A single exercise in such training
      3. Disciplined, repetitious exercise as a means of teaching and perfecting a skill or procedure.
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Another word for training

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