Reaching Synonyms and Antonyms

Extending to a point
  1. touching
  2. meeting
  3. going up to
  4. ending at
  5. stretching
  6. encompassing
  7. taking in
  8. spanning
  9. spreading to
  10. penetrating to
  11. embracing
  12. joining
  13. sweeping on to
  1. landing
  2. coming-to
  3. touching down
  4. entering
  5. disembarking
  6. making port
  7. getting off at
  8. alighting
  9. putting-in
  10. getting-to
  11. stopping at
  12. making it to
Extending a part of the body
  1. stretching
  2. straining
  3. making for
  4. lunging
  5. feeling for
  6. putting-out
  7. outstretching
  8. touching
  9. grasping
  10. seizing
  11. striking
To come to in number or quantity
Be in or establish communication with
  1. missing
Place into the hands or custody of
Reach a goal, e.g.,
  1. making
The act of physically reaching or thrusting out
  1. reach
  2. stretch
Accomplishment of an objective
  1. arrival

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