Sentence Examples

  • There were several small vehicles, several more men with donkeys, and a slew of boats departing the harbor for the morning catch.
  • The party for the departing employee, if you could call it that, had been a quick affair—a pat on the back, a few appropriate words and a token going away present.
  • The most frequent representations of Bellerophon in ancient art are (I) slaying the Chimaera, (2) departing from Argos with the letter, (3) leading Pegasus to drink.
  • Dean answered a phone call—a six-month-early summer reservation—while waving to the departing guests.
  • Pregnani, however, made a bad start by "tipping winners" at Newmarket with disastrous results, and was quickly recalled to France, actually departing on July 5th (French 15th).