Sentence Examples

  • A number of cardinals whose duty it is to interpret the disciplinary Council decrees of the council of Trent, was instituted by Pius IV.
  • For this third period, the most important and most considerable of the canonical texts is the body of disciplinary decrees of the council of Trent (1545-1563).
  • No decisions of a general nature, whether dogmatic or disciplinary, could be made without his consent.
  • From 1787 onwards, colonial bishops and metropolitans were appointed by letters patent which purported to give them jurisdiction for disciplinary purposes.
  • It is much less certain that the disciplinary reforms which the council, following the example of its predecessors, re-enacted, owed anything to Protestantism, unless indeed the council would have shown itself less intolerant in respect to such innovations as the use of the vernacular in the services had this not smacked of evangelicalism.