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Another word for disciple

  1. One who supports and adheres to another

      1. One that supports, as a structural member of a building.
      2. A person who supports; advocate; adherent; partisan
      3. An athletic supporter.
      1. Something subordinate or dependent; specif., a small state that is economically or politically dependent on, and hence adjusts its policies to, a larger, more powerful state
      2. A follower or attendant attached to a prince or other person of importance
      3. A subservient follower; a sycophant.
      1. A person who takes the part of or strongly supports one side, party, or person; often, specif., an unreasoning, emotional adherent
      2. A member of an organized body of fighters who attack or harass an enemy, especially within occupied territory; a guerrilla.
      3. Any of a group of guerrilla fighters; esp., a member of an organized civilian force fighting covertly to drive out occupying enemy troops
      1. A subordinate official, deputy, or the like
      2. A subordinate official, especially a servile one.
      3. (Obs.) A mistress or paramour
      1. Any of the followers of a criminal gang leader
      2. A trusted helper or follower
      3. A loyal and trusted follower or subordinate.
      1. One who has a strong interest or pays close attention to something:
      2. One who accepts the guidance, command, or leadership of another:
      3. A person who follows another's beliefs or teachings; disciple
      1. A companion or associate.
      2. A subgroup sharing a common factor in a statistical survey, as age or income level
      3. An ancient Roman military unit of 300-600 men, constituting one tenth of a legion
      1. A supporter or follower (of a person, cause, etc.)
      2. A supporter, as of a cause or individual:
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Another word for disciple

  1. A follower

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  2. A follower of Christ; usually capitalized