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Another word for sectary

  1. One zealously devoted to a religion

      1. One who is zealous, especially excessively so.
      2. A fanatically committed person.
      3. A member of a Jewish movement of the first century ad that fought against Roman rule in Palestine as incompatible with strict monotheism.
      1. A person bound by vows to live a life of religious worship or service.
      2. A devout adherent of a cult or religion; a committed worshiper:
      3. A person who is fervently devoted, as to a leader or ideal; a faithful follower.
      1. A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause.
      2. Fanatical.
      1. One who is filled with enthusiasm; one who is ardently absorbed in an interest or pursuit:
      2. A zealot; a fanatic.
      1. One who is ardently devoted to something; an enthusiast or advocate:
      2. An ardent or fanatical adherent of a religion.
  2. A person who dissents from the doctrine of an established church

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