Sentence Examples

  • He was declared a heretic and burnt on the 6th of July 1415.
  • The so-called heretic meanwhile spent his time partly at Kozihradek, some 45 m.
  • Only Pecock's books and not the heretic were burnt.
  • Origen indulged in many speculations which were afterwards condemned, but, as these matters were still open questions in his day, he was not reckoned a heretic. (iii.) In accordance with the New Testament use of the term heresy, it is assumed that moral defect accompanies the intellectual error, that the false view is held pertinaciously, in spite of warning, remonstrance and rebuke; aggressively to win over others, and so factiously, to cause division in the church, a breach in its unity.
  • Then he was liable to be seized and put to death as a pestilent heretic. There only remained to draft and publish the edict containing the ban.