Sentence Examples

  • His nature, when not enhanced by the electrical and chemical devices of his owner & trainer, is said to be quite placid.
  • Ask a trainer about the colors of bands featured at the gym you attend, or if you purchase bands at a sporting goods store you should make sure that you pay attention to which color is appropriate for your fitness level.
  • The possible origins of progressive weight lifting: When you first began your strength training program, your trainer probably told you that in order for your routine to be effective, your program must be progressive.
  • Visit your local ski shop or ski trainer and request an adjustment to your release settings whenever you feel that the bindings do not have the proper adjustments or when you have changed your ski style considerably.
  • The founder of the company, Joe Dudek, is also a senior trainer for the American Home Inspector Training Institute and teaches home inspection courses at universities and technical colleges throughout the United States.