Sentence Examples

  • His nature, when not enhanced by the electrical and chemical devices of his owner & trainer, is said to be quite placid.
  • Whereas some A-list celebs employ a personal chef, a restricted diet, and a personal trainer to keep up their glamorous appearance, others may look to prescription medication, dangerous drugs, and even end up with eating disorders.
  • Using the springboard of the show, Harper launched a subscription based website, My Trainer Bob, that allows the viewers at home to benefit from his fitness and diet advice without trying to land a role on The Biggest Loser.
  • Since you may not be able to meet with your personal trainer for every workout, a meticulously recorded exercise chart can assist the personal trainer in figuring out what you have been doing and what still needs to be done.
  • Ask a trainer about the colors of bands featured at the gym you attend, or if you purchase bands at a sporting goods store you should make sure that you pay attention to which color is appropriate for your fitness level.