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Another word for heal

  1. To rectify (an undesirable or unhealthy condition)

      1. To prepare, preserve, or finish a substance by a chemical or physical process.
      2. To preserve (meat, for example), as by salting, smoking, or aging.
      3. To cause to be free of a disease or unhealthy condition:
      1. To counteract or rectify (a problem, mistake, or undesirable situation).
      2. To relieve or cure a disease or disorder.
      3. To cure or heal, as with medicine
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Another word for heal

  1. To make well or sound

  2. To recover

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Synonym Study

  • Remedy stresses the use of medication or a specific corrective treatment in relieving disease, injury, distress, etc.
  • Heal and cure both imply a restoring to health or soundness, with heal usually applied to the making or becoming whole of a wound, sore, etc. or, figuratively, the mending of a breach, and cure specifically suggesting the elimination of disease, distress, evil, etc.