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Another word for salve

      1. A fatty substance applied to the skin for healing or cosmetic purposes; salve; unguent
      2. A highly viscous or semisolid substance used on the skin as a cosmetic, emollient, or medicament; a salve.
      1. A thick ointment consisting of a fat, as oil or lard, mixed with wax, resin, and other, often medicinal, ingredients
      2. A hard, unctuous, fat- or wax-based solid, sometimes medicated, formerly applied to the skin directly or on dressings.
      1. A salve or ointment
      2. A salve for soothing or healing; an ointment.
      1. One that facilitates conversation or cooperation:
      2. A substance for reducing friction in this way, as oil or grease
      3. A slippery liquid, gel, or oil that is used to reduce friction on or soreness of body tissue.
      1. Any of several related plants in the mint family, such as the bee balm and the horse balm.
      2. Anything healing or soothing, esp. to the mind or temper
      3. An aromatic gum resin obtained from certain trees and plants (esp. genus Commiphora of the bursera family) and used in the manufacture of perfume, medicine, etc.; balsam
      1. Something, such as a ritual practice or sacred object, believed to control natural or supernatural powers or serve as a preventive or remedy.
      2. (--- Obs.) A drug or other substance used for other purposes, as a poison, love potion, etc.
      3. The branch of this science and art that makes use of drugs, diet, etc., as distinguished esp. from surgery and obstetrics
      1. An agent that assuages or mollifies.
      2. An agent that softens or soothes the skin.
      3. Something that has a softening or soothing effect; esp., an emollient preparation or medicine applied to surface tissues of the body
      1. The act of anointing, as in medical treatment or a religious ceremony
      2. The oil, ointment, etc. used for this
      3. Affected or exaggerated earnestness, especially in choice and use of language.
      1. An agent that induces local inflammation to relieve inflammation in underlying or adjacent tissues.
      2. (Pharmacology) Any substance used to cause inflammation in one part of the body with the goal of lessening inflammation elsewhere.
      3. Anything used to produce a slight irritation, as of an area of the skin, in order to relieve more serious inflammation elsewhere
      1. Any medicine or treatment that cures, heals, or relieves a disease or bodily disorder or tends to restore health
      2. (Law) A means, as court action, by which violation of a right is prevented or compensated for; legal redress
      3. Something, such as a drug or a bandage, that is used to treat a symptom, disease, injury, or other condition.
      1. The act of helping or a thing that helps; aid; assistance
      2. Such employees considered as a group. Often used with the.
      3. (--- Archaic) A person employed to help, especially a farm worker or domestic servant.
      1. The work or position of a curate; curacy
      2. Something that corrects or relieves a harmful or disturbing situation:
      3. A method or course of treatment used to restore health.
      1. Any of various substances resembling or containing cream:
      2. Any of various foods or confections made of cream or having a creamy consistency
      3. The oily, yellowish part of milk, which rises to the top and which may be separated: commercial cream contains 18% or more butterfat