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Another word for assuage

  1. To make less severe or more bearable

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  2. To ease the anger or agitation of

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Another word for assuage

  1. To alleviate

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  2. To satisfy

      1. To satisfy, relieve, or assuage:
      2. To calm, soothe, or quiet (someone):
      3. To placate or attempt to placate (a threatening nation, for example) by granting concessions, often at the expense of principle.
      1. To put something into (a container, for example) to capacity or to a desired level:
      2. To supply what is specified by or required for:
      3. To satisfy or meet; fulfill:
      1. To overindulge.
      2. (Now Rare) To indulge or be supplied to satiety or excess; overindulge
      3. To feed or supply to excess, satiety, or disgust.
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  3. To calm

      1. To cause (a group) to end a rebellion or other violent action.
      2. To seek to neutralize or win over (people in occupied areas)
      3. To subdue or quell (an insurrection or conflict, for example).
      1. At a future time; eventually:
      2. In addition; besides:
      3. Without movement; motionlessly:
      1. To calm the anger of; soothe or appease.
      2. To lessen, as in intensity; assuage:
      3. To make less intense, severe, or violent