Sentence Examples

  • The producers tried to mollify the fans by changing the tempo and making it a guitar piece in the third and fourth seasons, but that only served to alienate the fans that liked the song to begin with as well as the fans who hated it.
  • In order to mollify the Vatican he conceded the exequatur to forty-five bishops inimical to the Italian regime.
  • There is nothing to show that this conversion was purely political; in any case it did little to mollify his enemies.
  • In August Marco Minghetti succeeded in forming a military league and a customs union between Tuscany, Romagna and the duchies, and in procuring the adoption of the Piedmontese codes; and envoys were sent to Paris to mollify Napoleon.
  • Nor did an extremely offensive performance of Voltaire's - the solemn partaking of the Eucharist at Colmar after due confession - at all mollify his enemies.