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Another word for relieve

  1. To make less severe or more bearable

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  3. To free from or cast out something objectionable or undesirable

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  5. To give support or assistance

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  7. To free from an obligation or duty

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  9. To free from a specific duty by acting as a substitute

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Synonym Study

  • Allay suggests an effective, although temporary or incomplete, calming or quieting we've allayed their suspicions
  • Mitigate implies a moderating or making milder of that which is likely to cause pain to mitigate a punishment
  • Assuage suggests a softening or pacifying influence in lessening pain or distress, calming anger or passion, etc. her kind words assuaged his resentment
  • Lighten implies a cheering reduction of the weight of oppression or depression nothing can lighten the burden of our grief
  • Alleviate implies temporary relief, suggesting that the source of the misery remains unaffected drugs to alleviate the pain
  • Relieve implies the reduction of misery, discomfort, or tediousness sufficiently to make it bearable they played a game to relieve the monotony of the trip