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Another word for dispense

  1. To give out in portions or shares

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  2. To provide as a remedy

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  3. To oversee the provision or execution of

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  4. To free from an obligation or duty

      1. To refrain from harming, injuring, destroying, or killing:
      2. To leave undamaged or unharmed:
      3. To refrain from denouncing or distressing; treat leniently or with consideration:
      1. To cause a lessening or alleviation of:
      2. To make less tedious, monotonous, or unpleasant:
      3. To free from pain, anxiety, or distress:
      1. An escape from punishment.
      2. (engineering) A device for letting off, releasing, or giving forth, as the warp from the cylinder of a loom.
      3. To cause to explode.
      1. To free from an obligation, duty, or liability to which others are subject:
      2. To set apart; isolate.
      3. Freed from an obligation, duty, or liability to which others are subject; excused:
      1. To make allowance for; overlook or forgive:
      2. To grant pardon to; forgive:
      3. To apologize for (oneself) for an act that could cause offense:
      1. To release, as from confinement, care, or duty:
      2. To let go; empty out:
      3. To pour forth; emit:
      1. To pronounce clear of guilt or blame.
      2. To relieve of a requirement or obligation.
      3. To grant a remission of sin to.
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Another word for dispense

  1. To distribute

  2. To administer

      1. To manage or regulate the business or affairs of; be in charge of:
      2. To supervise or oversee (an activity or process):
      3. To give guidance and instruction to (actors or musicians, for example) in the rehearsal and performance of a work.
      1. To compel observance of or obedience to:
      2. To impose (a kind of behavior, for example):
      3. To give force to; reinforce:
      1. To deliberately begin to do (something):
      2. To pledge or commit oneself (to do something):
      3. To promise or guarantee: