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Another word for ameliorate

  1. To advance to a more desirable state

      1. To raise to a higher grade or standard:
      2. To replace (a software program) with a more recently released, enhanced version.
      3. To replace (a hardware device) with one that provides better performance.
      1. To make better; improve.
      2. To grow better.
      1. To raise to a more desirable or more excellent quality or condition; make better:
      2. To increase the productivity or value of (land or property):
      3. To become better:
      1. To give assistance to (someone); make it easier for (someone) to do something; aid:
      2. To give material or financial aid to:
      3. To wait on, as in a store or restaurant:
      1. Greater in excellence or higher in quality.
      2. More useful, suitable, or desirable:
      3. More highly skilled or adept:
      1. To change for the better; improve:
      2. To alter the wording of (a legal document, for example) so as to make more suitable or acceptable.
      3. To enrich (soil), especially by mixing in organic matter or sand.
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Another word for ameliorate