Sentence Examples

  • A 98 percent approval rating, same-day (free) account set-up, fraud protection, and a variety of service levels to suit businesses from small to large make this a great option for all kinds of situations.
  • Jerry's job is to book events and oversee set-up for extravagant wedding receptions, including his most famous: turning an eccentric millionaire's home into a fairytale castle for a princess bride.
  • You also get a party hostess and coordinator to handle set-up and clean-up for the party, one hour of eating time at a decorated table and ten arcade tokens per child, for up to ten children.
  • If you get the pouch type that fits inside of your regular eyeglass case (eyeglass and clip on sets typically come with this type of set-up), you can keep your clip ons conveniently with your eyeglasses when not in use.
  • While having four bedrooms, three baths, and a private yard was an ideal set-up while raising kids and working full time, these amenities become not only unnecessary, but also a burden for many mature individuals.