Sentence Examples

  • With features such as multiple payment gateways (including the most popular, PayPal) and on-the-fly shipping calculations and tax functionality, OSCommerce can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in setup costs for entrepreneurs.
  • You can make a rudimentary setup with a few basic woodworking tools you probably already have in your garage, like a circular saw and an electric drill.Bunk beds are available in twin as well as full combos and in many decorator styles.
  • The gonzo driving-and-destruction game Carmageddon was censored in some countries because the original setup encouraged players to run over pedestrians in the game's urban environments, awarding points for each hit.
  • Complete your custom computer setup by getting a wide range of video game desktops to suit your mood that day, pairing it with some video game music in MP3 format for a fully immersive video game-themed environment!
  • A homeowner that wants to implement a small turbine system can expect to spend roughly between 10,000 and 80,000 dollars for the setup depending on the turbine size, how much work you do yourself, and permits required by your city.