Sentence Examples

  • Reviewers give MacFamilyTree high marks for usability and data search as well as the ability for the user to configure the software to their individual needs.
  • If the image is not that large, that does not mean it cannot be used - in the next section you'll learn how to configure backgrounds for Xanga so that any image at all - even a 1x1 pixel dot - can be used as an environment for your content.
  • If you have enough control of your website, and also have the expertise in HTML and PHP to configure that kind of front end and back end, you can find a variety of scripts on the web at places like Hotscripts.
  • Regardless of your choice, most scripts come with directions of how to configure the code exactly to do what you need, and usually in a safe way that will protect both your server and your end user.
  • The drawback to using a stand-alone counter is that it can be more complicated to configure, and as the web designer, you need to have access to the CGI-BIN scripting area of the web server.