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Another word for build

  1. To make or form (a structure)

  2. To create by forming, combining, or altering materials

      1. To create or fashion, as:
      2. To give a particular form to (a material):
      3. To give definite shape to; make, as by cutting or molding material
      1. To get (a play, film, TV program, etc.) ready for presentation to the public
      2. To make or yield products or a product:
      3. To make or manufacture
      1. To form (something) out of a fluid or plastic material:
      2. To form into a particular shape; give shape to:
      3. To make or shape in or on, or as if in or on, a mold
      1. To produce (art, literature, etc.) in a way regarded as mechanical and uninspired
      2. To create, produce, or turn out in a mechanical manner:
      3. To make up (excuses, evidence, etc.); invent; fabricate; concoct
      1. To rise or accumulate:
      2. To achieve, produce, or attain:
      3. To draw up and execute in a suitable form:
      1. To adapt for a particular use; adjust; fit
      2. To prearrange (a contest) so as to ensure a desired fraudulent outcome; fix:
      3. To make up evidence or contrive events so as to incriminate (a person) falsely.
      1. To give form or shape to, especially by means of careful effort:
      2. (Often as forge ahead) To move forward heavily and slowly (originally as a ship); to advance gradually but steadily; to proceed towards a goal in the face of resistance or difficulty.
      3. To make a forgery or counterfeit.
      1. (Obs.) To think up; contrive
      2. To fit; accommodate (to)
      3. To give shape or form to; make:
      1. To construct by combining or assembling diverse, typically standardized parts:
      2. To concoct in order to deceive:
      3. To make; create.
      1. To build, form, or devise by fitting parts or elements together systematically
      2. (Geom.) To draw (a figure) so as to meet the specified requirements
      3. To create (an argument or a sentence, for example) by systematically arranging ideas or terms.
      1. To translate (a computer program, instruction, etc. in assembly language) into machine language
      2. To bring or call together into a group or whole:
      3. To fit or put together the parts of (a machine, etc.)
  3. To create by combining parts or elements

  4. To make or become greater or larger

      1. (Idiomatic) to strengthen or reinforce; to add substance to
      1. To increase gradually in size, number, strength, or intensity:
      2. To grow or become as specified:
      3. To grow gradually larger, more numerous, etc.; increase in strength, intensity, volume, etc.
      1. To surge up
      2. (Intransitive) to surge up, or to become stronger or greater
      1. To cause (a tone, chord, etc.) to increase in loudness
      2. To increase in volume or become larger as a result of pressure from within; expand; dilate
      3. To rise or extend above the surrounding level, as clouds.
      1. To glide along without engine power, maintaining or gaining altitude on currents of air
      2. To rise well above the usual or ordinary level or bounds; be elevated
      3. To increase or improve suddenly above the normal or usual level:
      1. To increase or accumulate rapidly and uncontrollably, like a ball of snow rolling down a snow-covered hill
      2. To grow rapidly in significance, importance, or size:
      3. To cause to grow or increase rapidly.
      1. (Idiomatic) To accumulate a debt.
      2. (Idiomatic) To make something, usually an item of clothing, very quickly.
      3. (Cricket) of a bowler, to run, or walk up to the bowling crease in order to bowl a ball.
      1. To increase in volume of sound; become louder, shriller, etc.
      2. To puff up or become larger; swell up:
      3. To cause to rise:
      1. To increase or spread at a rapid rate:
      2. To multiply rapidly; increase profusely
      3. To cause to grow or increase rapidly.
      1. (Math.) To find the product of by multiplication
      2. To grow in amount, number, or degree:
      3. To increase in number, amount, extent, or degree; specif., to increase by procreation
      1. To set in a raised position:
      2. To set in position for use:
      3. To increase in amount, extent, or intensity:
      1. To make more intense or extreme:
      2. To cause to appear greater, more important, or more extreme than is in fact the case:
      3. To increase or have the power to increase the size or volume of an image or a sound.
      1. To make greater or larger.
      2. To multiply; reproduce.
      3. To cause to become greater in size, amount, degree, etc.; add to; augment
      1. To increase in size and develop toward maturity, as a plant or animal does by assimilating food
      2. To cause to grow; raise:
      3. To allow (something) to develop or increase by a natural process:
      1. To enlarge the scope or effect of:
      2. To increase in quantity or bulk by adding a cheaper substance:
      3. To be or become long, large, or comprehensive:
      1. (Mathematics) To write (a quantity) as a sum of terms in an extended form.
      2. To become expanded; spread out, unfold, enlarge, etc.
      3. To work out or show the full form of (a contraction, mathematical equation, etc.)
      1. To pass (a transaction or case) on to a higher level in an organizational hierarchy:
      2. To grow or increase rapidly, often to the point of becoming unmanageable, as prices or wages
      3. To rise on or as on an escalator
      1. (Nautical) To get more astern or parallel with the vessel's course; to draw aft; said of the wind.
      2. To increase the capacity of; to expand; to give free scope or greater scope to; also, to dilate, as with joy, affection, etc.
      3. To become larger; increase in size, extent, etc.; expand
      1. To put forth buds, shoots, etc.; sprout
      2. To begin to grow or blossom.
      3. To grow or develop rapidly; expand or proliferate.
      1. To urge others to support; promote
      2. To increase; raise:
      3. (Electricity) To increase the voltage of (a circuit).
      1. To make (something already developed or well under way) greater, as in size, extent, or quantity:
      2. To become greater; increase
      3. To become augmented.
      1. To develop more fully, as with details, examples, statistics, etc.
      2. To produce amplification of:
      3. (Electronics) To increase the strength of (an electrical signal) by means of an amplifier
      1. (Intransitive) To increase or become great.
      2. To increase the scope of; extend:
      3. To consider to be or cause to appear greater than is really the case; exaggerate:
  5. To provide a basis for

  1. The physical or constitutional characteristics of a person

      1. The natural constitution, or physical structure, of a person.
      2. The structure, constitution, strength, form, or appearance of the body
      1. Habit
      2. Plural form of habitué
      3. General physical build and constitution, often, esp. formerly, as related to a predisposition to certain diseases
      1. A distinctive set of clothing or style of dressing, especially of a religious order.
      2. Characteristic appearance, form, or manner of growth, especially of a plant or crystal:
      3. (Archaic) Physical constitution.
      1. The way in which a government, state, society, etc. is organized
      2. The physical makeup of a person:
      3. The system of fundamental laws and principles of a government, state, society, corporation, etc., written or unwritten


    build in

  1. To construct or include as an integral or permanent part

  2. build up

  3. To achieve an increase of gradually

  4. build up

  5. To make known vigorously the positive features of (a product)

  6. build up

  7. To increase or seek to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

Another word for build

  1. To construct

  2. To increase

      1. To become intense or more intense:
      2. To render more intense; as, to intensify heat or cold; to intensify colors; to intensify a photographic negative; to intensify animosity.
      3. (Intransitive) To become intense, or more intense; to act with increasing power or energy.
      1. To extend beyond or above the normal or surrounding level
      2. To rise or extend above the surrounding level, as clouds.
      3. To rise in swells, as the sea.
      1. To grow gradually larger, more numerous, etc.; increase in strength, intensity, volume, etc.
      2. To remove facial or body hair by covering the skin with a layer of wax that is peeled off after hardening, uprooting the encased hairs.
      3. To coat, treat, or polish with wax.
      1. To set in position for use:
      2. To set on a horse:
      3. To climb or ascend:
  3. To found

      1. To set up or establish according to law or provision:
      2. To set up (an assembly, proceedings, etc.) in a legal or official form
      3. To set up (a law, government, institution, etc.); establish
      1. To initiate; begin:
      2. To set up; establish; found; introduce
      3. To establish, organize, or introduce:
      1. To work out or form in one's mind; devise, develop, contrive, etc.
      2. To reduce to, or express in, a formula; to put in a clear and definite form of statement or expression.
      3. To state as or reduce to a formula.
      1. To bring about; generate or effect:
      2. To set up (a government, nation, business, etc.); found; institute
      3. To prove the validity or truth of: