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Another word for constitution

  1. The act of founding or establishing

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  2. The physical or constitutional characteristics of a person

      1. (Computers) Any of various versions of a software product as it is being developed for release to users.
      2. The physical makeup of a person or thing, especially one's physique:
      1. Characteristic appearance, form, or manner of growth, especially of a plant or crystal:
      2. (Biol.) The tendency of a plant or animal to grow in a certain way; characteristic growth
      3. A distinctive set of clothing or style of dressing, especially of a religious order.
      1. Plural form of habitué
      2. General physical build and constitution, often, esp. formerly, as related to a predisposition to certain diseases
      3. Habit
      1. The natural constitution, or physical structure, of a person.
      2. The structure, constitution, strength, form, or appearance of the body
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Another word for constitution

  1. Health

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  2. A basic political document

      1. An access code.
      2. A systematic collection of regulations or rules of procedure or conduct:
      3. (Genetics) The genetic code.
      1. A franchise or written grant of specified rights made by a government or ruler to a person, corporation, etc.
      2. A document outlining the principles, functions, and organization of a corporate body; a constitution:
      3. A written grant from the sovereign power of a country conferring certain rights and privileges on a person, a corporation, or the people:
      1. Habitual manner or practice:
      2. Habitual patronage, as of a store:
      3. The tradition or body of such practices:
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  3. Makeup

      1. The material world and its phenomena:
      2. The basic character or qualities of humanity:
      3. Heredity:
      1. (Law) A settlement whereby the creditors of a debtor about to enter bankruptcy agree, in return for some financial consideration, usually proffered immediately, to the discharge of their respective claims on receipt of payment which is in a lesser amount than that actually owed on the claim.
      2. A painting, sculpture, etc. with respect to the aesthetic arrangement of its elements or features
      3. An arrangement of the parts of a work of art so as to form a unified, harmonious whole
      1. A habitual inclination; a tendency:
      2. One's customary frame of mind; one's nature or temperament
      3. A physical property or tendency:
      1. The arrangement or formation of the tissues, organs, or other parts of an organism.
      2. The way in which parts are arranged or put together to form a whole; makeup:
      3. The interrelation or arrangement of parts in a complex entity: