Sentence Examples

  • Although men's pantyhose are predominantly worn by transvestites, shemales and fetishists, they are also used for compression wear and even those looking to increase lower body stamina and performance ability.
  • Long before becoming the latest celebrity at the White House, Portuguese Water Dog puppies have been bred, raised and trained for centuries to be superior companions and working dogs of exceptional stamina.
  • When first starting out you may only "skip" rope, and even drop the rope to the floor when you tire as mentioned above, then gradually you'll see improvement in your stamina, ability and strength.
  • Sports enthusiasts who wear pantyhose for increased stamina, or those with medical conditions that require the level of support pantyhose offer, tend to rail at the term "pantyhose," and with some validation.
  • What this means is that anything you wear later on that adds stamina will be added to your overall health then multiplied by 1.05%, making this an attractive feature for any warrior (tank class).