Sentence Examples

  • Others are drawn to this personality like moths to a flame, partly because of the humanness of Aquarius and partly because of the constant air of self-confidence exuding in everything she undertakes.
  • Besides the typical salon services, Carr's customer's almost always depart with their makeup done for the day, leaving them with more self-confidence and a smile they otherwise would not have.
  • Power walking following a stressful event can help you unwind and relax, while power walking before an anxiety-causing meeting or event will boost your self-confidence, increase your focus, and minimize mental and physical anxiety symptoms.
  • However after extensive self-reflection, they say they realized their problem had less to do with how much chocolate they consumed and more to do with a serious lack of self-confidence.
  • The quality of the parent-child relationship is affected by the parent's age, experience, and self-confidence; the stability of the parents' marriage; and the unique characteristics of the child compared with those of the parent.