Sentence Examples

  • For other children, however, being ignored or rejected by peers may be a lasting problem that has lifelong consequences, such as a dislike for school, poor self-esteem, social withdrawal, and difficulties with adult relationships.
  • However, in all circumstances, it is essential to gear activities to the proper intellectual and physical level of each person while ensuring a positive result and promoting feelings of success and improved self-esteem.
  • Fitting in with their peers becomes more important than ever to their self-esteem, and, in later adolescence, relationships with the opposite sex (or sometimes the same sex) can become a major source of confidence or insecurity.
  • Because they often have difficulty in school and in social relationships, low self-esteem can be a factor that leads the school aged children toward dangerous or destructive behaviors as they reach adolescence.
  • Children and adolescents with hyperhidrosis suffer extreme social embarrassment related to their condition, and hyperhidrosis can result in low self-esteem, difficulties in school, and difficulties in and avoidance of social situations.